GUNS IN THE FOREST by Bruce Lancaster


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Guns of Burgoyne, published in 1939 by Stokes, is here presented for young readers under this new title. Lancaster always makes a distinct contribution to our deepening awareness of the qualities that have contributed to the making of our country and this portrays Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne, toast of London and the role, less than glorious, that he played in the bitter Saratoga campaign, and its aftermath. Burgoyne seems standardized -- a leader adored by his men and exercising a magnetic inspiration but defeated by insufficient support and the slow disintegration of the troops as inertia and the futility of fighting a frontier forest war sabotage their morale. Livelier and fresher is the picture of the German mercenaries, a sympathetic handling of none too sympathetic soldiery, and particularly of a young Lt. Ahren, a gunner, and his attempt to introduce something of the Rangers' techniques into the inflexibility of the British Army. A pallid romance along routine lines (the girl is a Rebel, of course,) adds little to the story. Not top drawer Lancaster even in this edition and perhaps better aimed at a teen age than a young adult level.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1952
Publisher: Little, Brown-A.M.P.