FLESH AND BLOOD by Bruce Palmer


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Russ Peters is a sullen to stupid young man; Barbara, his wife, is thoroughly contemptible; and his mother-in-law, with her dyed hair and pidgin French, is a tosspot with only one genuine frailty-a bad heart. After dining alone with Russ, she drops dead, and Russ- whom liquor has also confused- stuffs her in the trunk of his car which is then stolen. The theft brings this all to the attention of sadly disenchanted Lt. Picard who, while he can do nothing for Russ- or Barbara, tries to vage the young man who had taken the Citroen. Less psychopathological than the earlier Blind Man's Mark, the setting is again French, the action is direct, and there is a concentrated nastiness neutralized only by the gentle Picard.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster