1:33: In Memoriam: John F. Kennedy by Bruce & Sam Summerlin Henderson

1:33: In Memoriam: John F. Kennedy

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The necrophiliac processional continues. For whatever it's worth, very little actually, although the two journalist-authors contend that the JFK assassination has had ""insufficient attention"" (? ! ?) insofar as ""how people reacted"" and that this account thereof has some historical value. Round the world, these are the responses to the shot that was fired--from African tribesmen to crowds in London pubs to Las Vegas where the slot machines were turned against the wall. A man died of a heart attack in McAllen, Texas; James Garner cried openly in Hollywood; Nixon, in a something less than future presidential stance said ""My God, it must have been one of those nuts. ""The bibliography lists seven books, notably the Manchester, and lots of newspapers and periodicals from which the immediate reactions and later reassessments of the crime have been excerpted with two busy pairs of scissors. One of the books in the bibliography is Bishop's The Day Lincoln Was Shot and one wonders whether Messers. Henderson and Summerlin knew about The Day Kennedy Was Shot (p. 1078), the front runner in the daily double we're conducting here.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Cowles