A Time to Sow by Bruce Wilson

A Time to Sow

From the "The Criminals" series, volume 1
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Wilson offers a debut novel about a powerful leader of a Southern California gang.

Orion Jackson finds himself at the helm of the “Black Gansta Organization,” a group that traffics in “guns, dope, and beautiful prostitutes” throughout the greater Los Angeles area. However, in the past, things have not always gone his way: he was imprisoned on a weapons charge and became the victim of a brutal sexual assault behind bars. Now he seeks revenge on his assailants, aiming to claim “their lives one soul at a time.” But although exacting vengeance may be gratifying, the BGO still requires a great deal of his attention. Fortunately for Orion, his old friend Corey is available to assist. Corey was once struggling to survive on low wages (“My job is slowly dying, and it keeps me thirstin’ for more money,” he explains to Orion), but after he becomes a high-ranking member of the BGO, his financial worries largely disappear. Of course, such comfort comes with a price, and Corey soon realizes that, as an ex-convict, one false step could land him in a maximum security facility for “a hell of a long time.” The BGO soon runs into trouble with the Mexican mob, with violent results. Whether one finds this adventure to be clichéd or full of brutal excitement largely depends on one’s interest in Orion’s journey from humiliated victim to ultimate victor. Wilson’s novel is heavy on fashion (two characters go on the town in “recent Sean John creations”) and weaponry details (Corey carries a “Heckler and Koch G3 assault rifle” in his Mercedes) and very quickly places readers deep within the lifestyles of modern gangsters. It’s not without its obvious moments, though, such as when the narrator unnecessarily tells readers that Corey, a captain in the BGO, had “whole-heartedly embraced being an armed outlaw.”

An action-packed, if sometimes-predictable, romp through organized crime. 

Publisher: Strategic
Program: Kirkus Indie
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