CATS AND KITTENS by Bryan-Ed Holme
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A tremendous value at the price, this beautiful little book will have the same effect on felinophiles as catnip does on their pets. This is a collection of exquisite photographs by the finest animal photographers- Ylla, Korth, Chandoha, Suschitzky, Weston and others--none are in ""soft"" or otherwise trick focus. There are also fine gravure reproductions of drawings, paintings, stagtues, bronzes, mosaics, etc. dating from early Egyptian and Oriental dynasties to the modern day, represented by such outstanding artists as Clare Newberry, Foujita, Agnes Tait, etc. An excellent, scholarly introduction by Alleine E. Dodge who did the catalog for New York's famous Cooper Union cat exhibit a couple of years ago, integrates artistic representations of cats during different historic epochs to the concurrent prevalent feelings towards the animals. Tops for both cat lovers and admirers of superb photography.

Publisher: Crowell Studio Publications