THE LOVE MUSCLE by Bryce Britton


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The ink is hardly dry on the preliminary research into the Grafenberg Spot (a super-sensitive area of sexual arousal on the anterior wall of the vagina; see Ladas, Whipple, and Perry's The G Spot, p. 847), yet the sex therapists are ready with their exercises. Britton doesn't actually tell you how to exercise the G spot (presumably that would be difficult to do); instead she concentrates on the pelvic muscles, particularly the PC muscle--which doctors have long known was important to childbearing and urinating--and the mental set of the presumably repressed woman reader. The PC muscle (referred to throughout, in neon caps, as THE LOVE MUSCLE) is first tested by means of the time it takes to stop urinary flow, the degree of control over flow, etc. Then, depending on your pelvic and general fitness, you enter into a particular level of exercises with techniques like the ""Slow and Sustained Grip"" and ""The Push and Pull."" (All this, of course, after you have east off society's anti-orgasmic messages, and examined your total body milieu.) For those who agree with Britton's philosophy that ""an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away,"" fine. For anyone less preoccupied with the subject, laughable.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1982
Publisher: New American Library