MEMOIR FOR MRS. SULLAVAN by Bryna Ivens Untermeyer


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There are a number of basically batty conversations that are held to be generally acceptable by society -- getting your two year old into the college of your choice, low carbohydrate diets versus starvation by calorie count, post-funeral conversations about how the dear departed looked as a corpse. However, you have to be careful of the company you're in before you start raving about your cat. That's when all the other kooks turn on you. Mrs. Sullavan was a cat. She belonged to the Louis Untermeyers and Mrs. Untermeyer has a number of engaging stories to tell. Mrs. Sullavan has character. She managed a cordial but cool relationship with her son Bobo. She accepted another cat's presence and when this Cleo turned out to be an unrepentantly unfit mother, Mrs. Sullavan taught Cleo's kittens the necessary cat lore. It is one of the warm and intelligent recollections of being owned by a cat and would make a good gift for intelligent cat owners who enjoy, but seldom get, good conversation about their personal pets without being accused of mild and laughable lunacy by nice but limited people. Alert the mild lunatics.

ISBN: 0595179193
Publisher: Simon & Schuster