IDEAS AND INTEGRITIES by Buckminster uller


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Margaret Fuller once told Thomas Carlyle that she ""accepted the universe"", to ich he replied, ""By Gad, Madame, you'd better!"" Whether or not her great nephew, Buckminster Fuller, does- well, we're not sure. Certainly his book here, ""a spontaneous autobiographical disclosure"", has some of the densest prose (a cross between Oxbridge philosophers, Harvard sociologists and Gertrude Stein) and dandiest precepts (what he alls ""comprehensive anticipatory design science"") to be found anywhere on earth, and probably heaven. A revolutionary architectural engineer, Fuller covers everything from cartography, physics, logistics, aeronautics and energetic-synergetic geometry to ""livingry systems"" and all-out pronouncements on the industrial equation"". For those adept in such disciplines, Fuller may well be the new Newton- indeed his Dymaxion technology has been trumpeted even by Khrushschev; however, the layman while admiring the awesome analyses of ""education-automation"" trends and ""progressive"" world-planning and pre-assembly predictions, can still but be stupefied at so much of the style, e.g., ""man went from W-OM-B to T-OM-B via the H-OM-E. Even the B-OM-B is a derivative of dome as the superaccelerated explosive nativity container"". Anyway, for the steel-and-glass set, a marvel.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Prentice Hall