SANCTUARY V by Budd Schulberg


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Sanctuary V is a political escape clause which will be the last resort of Justo Moreno Suarez, ""a civilized man, a keeper of the peace"" who is also the puppet Provisional President of a recently revolutionized Latin American country. Justo is a pragmatic idealist whose dreams of ""orderly succession"" and reforms are being nullified by the increasing dictatorship of Castro-type leader, Angel Bello. One relatively innocuous protest and Justo, his earthy wife Marta, and adolescent daughter Clarita become criminals of the state. They flee to the asylum of an Embassy which a corrupt official runs more like a concentration camp than a haven. Most of the action takes place at right about starvation level as the refugees haggle over the meager food, the one bathroom and the few women and Justo tries to adjust to a life of filthy subservience. He is finally seduced and betrayed into leaving the sanctuary, but makes one last, futile stand before real imprisonment. It's an endemic, hard-hitting story, a little heavy handed in the telling, but absorbing and immediate nonetheless.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1969
Publisher: World/NAL