ON THE WATERFRONT by Budd Schulberg


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The 8-Oscar award moving picture in book form continues Schulberg's concern for the out of step, the unwilling, and the sometimes valiant. Here are the ""sins of avarice and theft and murder in Bohegan"" which Father Barry must battle against; here is Johnny Friendly and his dockside tyranny; and Terry Malone, an ignorant Judas, whose betrayal of ""the Doyle kid"" leads him to the boy's sister, to his brother's subservience to Friendly- and to Father Barry. This is the North River- and the long shoremen, the labor union run with a pistol, the stumblebums and juiceheads, the smouldering but expected violence, the life of the harbor, as a background for Terry's regeneration from a fringe delinquent to a man who would stand up for the rights of others. There are slight changes of emphasis here and Terry's end is not the happy one of the cinema treatment. An interesting expansion of a most effective picture.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1955
ISBN: 1566638410
Publisher: Random House