LITTLE RED by Burdetta Johnson


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Little Red was the pet name George and Julie Whitehead gave to the baby javelina they rescued and took home. A javelina is a type of peccary, which may not sound like something you'd want to have around the house. But from the descriptions of the wild life available around Arizona near the Mexican border, which is where George and Julie live, it's as good a choice as any. The children's favorite, virtually exclusive, interest is observing the animals that roam the area, and even their special secret place is chosen because it's a natural wildlife sanctuary. The only excitement in the book is the evidence of a jaguar in the vicinity--which Little Red, fully grown and returned to his natural state manages to kill. Little Red is miniscule entertainment. This is the sort of book you can only call informative in the pejorative sense.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1966
Publisher: Follett