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WRITE MORE GOOD by The Bureau Chiefs


An Absolutely Phony Guide

by The Bureau Chiefs

Pub Date: April 5th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-307-71958-4
Publisher: Three Rivers/Crown

An acerbic, witty guide to journalism that, if used, would get you fired.

The Bureau Chiefs, the team behind the Twitter feed @FakeAPStylebook, have finally figured out a way to get paid as journalists: Adapt the hilarious Twitter account into an all-encompassing stylebook of the ridiculous. But instead of simply hitting print on their browser page and handing it to a publisher like so many other Internet sensations, the authors have put serious effort into this collection, which includes more than 90 percent original material. They've simplified how to report crime, politics and the supernatural, among other typical journalism beats, with advice such as, “Use ‘disgraced politician’ on first use, ‘expert political analyst’ on later mention.” The authors embrace the comforts of mobile technology and encourage other journalists to do the same. War reporters are instructed to stay cozy under their sheets, so they won’t lying when they tell their editors they are “embedded.” Other sage witticisms include proper use of the term “World War,” which should be employed when describing “conflicts involving countries on at least three continents. For largescale battles against clones, killer tomatoes, or a fifty-foot woman, use ‘attack’ instead.” The authors also highlight the proper way to cite sources, the fine points of grammar and media law and each chapter comes with its own glossary of terms.

Funny tips and quips celebrating the dying art of journalism and the shamefully low standards imposed on media types thanks to the Internet.