MORNING OF A HERO by Burke Boyce


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This is a companion piece to the earlier Man from Mt. Vernon which could well have been titled The Young Manhood of George Washington. Here is George at , and what a marvelous lad: quaffing mugs of whiskey and buying drinks for the house; surveying Lord Fairfax's colossal acreage and living in the Virginia wilderness; cavorting and wrestling at tribal dances of the Delaware Indians (""benighted, innocent savages""); writing love poetry and in love with his best friend's wife. rub-poor George has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and now has a taste for ards, parties, dancing, the Williamsburg theaters, and foxhunting with Lord Fair-ax. George's half-brother dies and leaves him a small, debt-ridden estate, Mt. ernon. And at 20, he receives a commission as major and is sent to the farthest outpost in the Virginia colony, where he becomes a jealous hothead in pursuit of rank and pay. The variety in Mr. Boyce's portrait is a revelation, and the scenes have a rain-clear reality. Admirable... JFK should send a hundred copies to Moscow University.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row