RUN MONGOOSE by Burke Wilkinson


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Some of the fancier touchen for a full dress performance in adventure which is concerned with an upstart Jamaican rebellion, some key international interests in bauxite, an Englishman who follows trouble like a terrier and an American engineer, Bill Stacy, who reluctantly runs him a close second. Interested in the cause of Gregorius who has a massive Christopher-complex and wants to be King, Stacy in persuaded to sign on with him by Lady Felicia Bantry, whose endness, diffidence and pure Irish fascination get him. Once having crossed the Atlantic however to Jamaica, Felicia's charms cool and her cruelty heightens, Gregorius' uprising peters out, Bill's own life is in jeopardy as is that of his English friend, and the Americans and the British get the situation back under control.... There's quite some glamor here, from the dark cantles of Ireland to the sunnier beaches of Montego Bay, but a little less insistence and a little more implication would have made this more effective entertainment.

Publisher: Little, Brown