LAST CLEAR CHANCE by Burke Wilkinson


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A successor to Run, Mongoose follows a thin, dark thread of treason and the game played for survival stakes by Geoffrey Mildmay, a British adventurer of doubtful loyalties who comes back into the life of Bill Stacy (who tells his story) in 1951 through the front door of the Pentagon. Once again exposed to Mildmay's flippant, faithless charm, Bill is also introduced to his friends including Lady Sylvia Huntting, whose lost unhappiness attracts him; Cotton Craig, a power politician now in limbo; and the Gales, Craig's neighbors, who alone have resisted his small time empire. Stacy's mistrust of Mildmay is confirmed by his association with Craig and Gale's accidental death; their subversive activities become more overt when Stacy is beaten up and locked up, and a General kidnapped; and the ugly ambitions of a disappointed politician end aboard a Russian submarine after an unnerving run through dangerous waters. . . . An escape entertainment, this is attractively attired and manages some touch and go tremors over and above its obvious improbability. It's a bit thick, old boy.

Publisher: Little, Brown