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A good title -- a good book, which should give every reader, sceptic or not, a fillip, in these days when our morning papers tend to discourage us with the state of industrial preparedness. The editor of the machine tool industry's trade journal speaks from the inside -- not from the viewpoint of merely a government booster. ""The truth is that defense accomplishments are far greater than many people think."" He gives an all inclusive, though necessarily superficial, survey of what has been done in defense industries, showing the parts played by various groups in building up the navy, the merchant marine, the air force, etc. He does not minimize the glaring faults, the failure to accept definite plans, the delays in getting orders to go ahead. But he speaks encouragingly of the basic spirit of cooperative effort on the part of capital and labor. He studies all types of industries from various angles of research, planning, execution, personnel, training, financing, tooling, etc. And he supports his faith in our capacity to produce the full complement of our program in a period ahead of schedule. Very succinctly and convincingly handled. A book that sceptics and diehards would do well to study, and that will spur converts on to increased efforts. Call to attention of leading business men and industrialists in your territory. Urge your local papers to give it news publicity.

Publisher: Whittlesey