EARLY MORNING ROUNDS: A Portrait of a Hospital by Burnham Holmes

EARLY MORNING ROUNDS: A Portrait of a Hospital

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From the early morning rounds to the midnight stabbings: Holmes gives us the feeling that we're seeing it all, mostly through the eyes of Nick, a third-year medical student plunged into hospital routine. Readers too are plunged right into the action in Holmes' opening chapter, set in the emergency room. Later we visit hospitalized patients, observe a delivery and an operation at close hand, watch Nick sew tip another surgery patient, and feel with him when he must break a lung cancer diagnosis to the patient. We're also clued in as to the status significance of the clothing worn by doctors, residents, interns, and students--the sort of detail some readers relish. There's nothing disillusioning here--no exposÉ or horror stories or criticism of the health care system--but both Holmes and Beller make what is here very real, and involving in its you-are-there immediacy.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1981
Publisher: Four Winds