THE LADY AT BOX 99 by Burton J. Rowles
Kirkus Star


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No reader will fail to be moved by this stirring biography of Dr. Miriam Van Waters, the renowned Superintendent of the State Reformatory for Women in Framingham, Massachusetts, who battled for her professional life and reputation against such a barrage of and as few persons in public life have ever been called upon to endure. With patience, humility, wit, and the assurance that comes from conviction born of integrity and a faith in her girls as persons worth trusting and saving, one by one, and again and again, she emerged from her trials vindicated, the beloved champion of all who believe that trust and love can always be counted on to prevail. The daughter of an Episcopal clergyman, she was close to her family whether near or far, and her biographer, Mr. Burton J. Rowles, is to be commended for the sympathetic way in which he shows the growth in Miriam Van Waters of the Christian convictions which so often make the person who applies them with courage a person of controversy, -- a true Christian. All Christians who believe that should lead men into action should not miss this heartwarming story.

Publisher: Scabury Press