THE LOST ART by Burton; James Stevenson- Illus. Bernstein


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What's the sense of reviewing a book made up of the snatches of dialogue that takes place between two people who are described in no other way?"" ""We have our reasons."" ""It's just like eavesdropping."" ""That's what we like about it."" ""But eavesdropping isn't nice."" ""No, but it's a lot of fun, hon."" ""Who's the guy that wrote it?"" ""A New Yorker regular. Everybody likes Bernstein -- even that Old Lady in Dubuque."" ""How about those illustrations?"" ""James Stevenson. The cartoons you page-hop for in The New Yorker."" ""Do they really sound like people talking here?"" ""After eavesdripping all over the country, I can honestly say -- yes. They are amusing, irritating and heart-catching by turns -- just like people talking."" ""Will anybody read it?"" ""Kirkus Service said so. Something about an audience with an eye and ear for the real and the ridiculous.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1963
Publisher: World