THOROUGHBREDS by Burton L. Spiller


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This is the moment to dig out the orders for Grouse Feathers, Spiller's first book and write to customers so they will not miss a volume in what will undoubtedly be one of the important sets on American Sporting Life. Spiller has a genius for writing about all kinds of sport, life in the open, full of the zest and sparkle that it gives. This book is more varied than Grouse Feathers and there is a touch of romance that will enlarge the market. For the Field Trial Enthusiasts there is a swell story. White Ally, as thrilling as they could ask. For sheer animal interest I'd choose The Sable King, a fox farming tale, but it's hard to choose. They are all good and different animals and people are mixed in the most natural way and all are grand. You like his dogs and foxes and you like his people -- and your customers will want this book long after it's sold out, so get busy at once.

Publisher: Derrydale