BELLE STARR by Burton Ressne
Kirkus Star


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The story of the Bandit Queen (post Civil War), founded on a thorough research into the apocryph for an authentic and entertaining record. Here is one of the fantastic stories of border banditry, the story of a woman of imperious will, scathing tongue, intelligence, glamor and courage. She came to know the James brothers and the Youngers, famous offshts of Quantrill's guerilla band. Her love affairs -- her marriage her connection with the outlaws for whom she is the brains and the organizer. She controlled an outfit which indulged in cattle thievery, liquor running, arson, murder, and disposal of stolen goods. She lived until she was 45 -- and packed two lifetimes of hairbreadth adventure into that span. Burton Ranco has livened the record with the interpretations that have accrued through the years. Picture to be released almost simultaneously and joint promotion and advertising should stimulate the sale of the book.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1941
Publisher: Random House