GROUSE FEATHERS by Burton Spiller


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Although this book was reviewed in the September 15 bulletin, page 313, and was published on October 21st, I can't pass it by. It is written by a man who knows grouse, their habits and hideouts and writes about them so easily and naturally you lose yourself completely in his expeditions and learn many valuable lessons. Lynn Bogue Hunt has never done anything to compare with these illustrations (I admit a weakness for grouse) and the book is beautifully bound with the exquisite grouse inset from Feathered Game on the front cover. To many there is no sport more thrilling or bird more game, so this is your chance to create a record sale. Talk about it, show it, sell it enthusiastically: -- if you aren't sure and wont believe us ask the men who shoot them!

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1935
ISBN: 1568331444
Publisher: Derrydale