THE JET SET by Burton Wohl


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Moving fast but with no place to go, hopping on planes and in beds, this is a prodigal account of some playboys and their playmates which travels from Hollywood to Africa, Cuernavaca to Vegas to Italy and all the wild, swinging places. In the dolce decadence assembled here, you will meet Consuela Van den Horst, a former man-eater-- now it's women-- and she also nibbles on Indian mushrooms; Hodding, her son, who will inherit her forty million but whose emasculation spurs his interest in racing cars; Paul Ormont, whom he hires to build them and Sybil whom he intends to marry but who is only ornamental now; Carlotta, a Gabor type, Consuela's Italian Countess Vera, etc., etc. After all the sexual by (and bi-) play here and there, only Sybil and Paul want to cut out but first Paul insists on paying for what has been a free ride, driving Hodding's car in the final, fatal race.... Burton Wohl is not Harold Robbins- he's by no means as good a storyteller-but he deals with the same raw materials (camphor's the rubdown here- not champagne) and adds some boutique-bordello touches. In any case- this is the market to watch, or ward, for conservatives will certainly claim to have been molested.

Publisher: Dial