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OVERBOOKED by Elizabeth Becker
Released: March 12, 2013

"An in-depth and compelling disclosure of the changes needed to protect the world's travel sites while maintaining a good profit margin."
"In 2012 the world passed the 1 billion mark for international trips," writes former New York Times correspondent Becker (America's Vietnam War, 1992, etc.), who provides an extensive exposé on the benefits and detriments of tourism. Read full book review >
Released: March 5, 2013

"In an engaging, fully transparent, upbeat narrative, with chockablock footnotes and resources, Harris presents the MFI case very persuasively."
The story of a well-meaning American journalist who travels the poorest regions of the world in search of the human stories behind microfinance loans. Read full book review >

Released: Feb. 26, 2013

"A trove of useful insider wisdom."
The former CEO of National Public Radio exposes the shortcomings of tax-deductible, not-for-profit organizations. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 24, 2013

"A vivid, highly informed portrayal of the personalities, politics and policies dominating 'the most important international gathering since the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.'"
The director of international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations revisits the 1944 conference that created "the new global monetary architecture" for the postwar world. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2013

"Practical inspiration for hardworking entrepreneurs."
His brand of vacuum cleaners became a trusted household name, and now Oreck sweeps onto the how-to scene with timeless, common-sense advice for business startups. Read full book review >

Released: Jan. 28, 2013

"A clearheaded analysis with a final section suggesting that lessons learned from the crisis are already being ignored."
An experienced economist explains the global financial crisis that began in 2008 and continues. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 28, 2013

"An eye-opening, even-keeled theory offering hope to those who disagree."
A business management expert explains that disagreements and conflicts are not the products of good versus evil but of differences in how individuals prioritize what he calls the Eight Great Goods. Read full book review >
HEAT by Bill Streever
Released: Jan. 15, 2013

"Although not aimed at the young, this funny and factual blend of science, history and adventure would make an ideal gift for an inquisitive adolescent."
From the author of Cold (2009), another engaging, easy-to-read, free-ranging exploration of a natural phenomenon. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 7, 2013

"A delightful, informative guide to an often-intimidating subject."
How to analyze "the numbers behind the news [and appreciate] the extraordinary (and growing) power of data" in today's market-driven economy. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 5, 2013

"An engaging, unusual business book full of practical advice."
McLaughlin's debut self-help guide offers an allegorical tale that intertwines the concepts of leadership and driving automobiles. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 2, 2013

"An enjoyable debut appropriate for both specialists and general readers."
A lively account of physicists in finance. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 2013

"The book reflects the tone of its author: clear, honest and unassuming."
A Chinese-American businesswoman's memoir of exile, torture, immigration and, ultimately, astounding success. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Katey Sagal
author of GRACE NOTES
April 10, 2017

In her memoir Grace Notes, actress and singer/songwriter Katey Sagal takes you through the highs and lows of her life, from the tragic deaths of her parents to her long years in the Los Angeles rock scene, from being diagnosed with cancer at the age of twenty-eight to getting her big break on the fledgling FOX network as the wise-cracking Peggy Bundy on the beloved sitcom Married…with Children. Sparse and poetic, Grace Notes is an emotionally riveting tale of struggle and success, both professional and personal: Sagal’s path to sobriety; the stillbirth of her first daughter, Ruby; motherhood; the experience of having her third daughter at age 52 with the help of a surrogate; and her lifelong passion for music. “While this book is sure to please the author’s many fans, its thoughtful, no-regrets honesty will no doubt also appeal to readers of Hollywood memoirs seeking substance that goes beyond gossip and name-dropping,” our critic writes. “A candid, reflective memoir.” View video >