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THE SMARTPHONE by Elizabeth Woyke
Released: Sept. 2, 2014

"A smartphone full monty that will appeal mostly to the device's users—all 1.75 billion of them."
An intricate dissection of the smartphone from technology reporter Woyke. Read full book review >
WHAT WOMEN WANT by Deborah L. Rhode
Released: Sept. 1, 2014

"Despite the presumptuous title, this is a serious analysis, designed to inform and to provoke discussion and action."
A thoroughly researched examination of the progress women in the United States have made toward gender equality and of the problems that still must be addressed. Read full book review >

WILD IDEA by Dan O’Brien
Released: Sept. 1, 2014

"There may be plenty of disappointments out on the Plains, but this book is not one of them."
South Dakota novelist and memoirist O'Brien (The Indian Agent, 2004, etc.) delivers a bracing portrait of the pleasures—and considerable pains—of ranch life on the lone prairie. Read full book review >
ECONOMICS by Ha-Joon Chang
Released: Aug. 26, 2014

"Economics for the 99 percent who don't know moral hazard from opportunity cost: lively, intelligent and readily accessible."
The dismal science rendered undismally, even spryly, by economist Chang (Economics/Cambridge Univ.; 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism, 2011, etc.). Read full book review >
FAILURE SUCKS! by Steven Bernstein
Released: Aug. 21, 2014

"A solid, if overly jargon-driven, look at the importance of providing strong customer service in business-to-business transactions."
A strategy guide for measuring, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.In this debut business book, Bernstein and Bozek guide readers through the process of turning business-to-business customer service (which they call "Customer Success") into a force for driving sales, revenue and reputation. Read full book review >

UNLEASHED by John I Akhile Sr.
Released: Aug. 13, 2014

"A thorough and well-reasoned, if wordy, exploration of the possibilities for economic growth in Africa."
A comprehensive strategy for encouraging economic development in African nations. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 7, 2014

"A forceful economics text that tells a damning tale of hubris."
In his debut, Greek journalist Papadogiannis argues that the triumph of economics as a science is a tragedy of human arrogance. Read full book review >
POWERS OF TWO by Joshua Wolf Shenk
Released: Aug. 5, 2014

"Shenk's inclusion of fascinating biographical material enlivens his provocative thesis on the genesis of creative innovation."
Shenk (Lincoln's Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness, 2005, etc.) debunks "the myth of the lone genius [that] has towered over us like a colossus" and its counterpart, "the most common alternative [that]…locates creativity in networks." Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 5, 2014

"As with Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allan Poe and David Foster Wallace, Bazerman winningly recommends the exigent art of seeing—what is there, what isn't—with both skepticism and sensitivity."
Harvard Business School professor Bazerman (Blind Spots: Why We Fail to Do What's Right and What to Do About It, 2012, etc.) unspools the many benefits of widening our areas of focus, particularly when it comes to decision-making matters. Read full book review >
BUYING THE VOTE by Robert E. Mutch
Released: Aug. 1, 2014

"An excellent discussion of election finance reform for policymakers and political watchers—though the audience may not include many general readers."
Independent legal scholar Mutch (Campaigns, Congress and Courts: The Making of Federal Campaign Finance Law, 1988) contends that the Citizens United (2010) Supreme Court ruling has reversed more than 100 years of electoral reform and overthrown long-accepted legal definitions of equality, democracy and free speech. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2014

"A provocative thesis couched in measured, scholarly language. Watch the editorial pages of Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal to see whether it catches on."
A carefully stated cri de guerre against "the current cult of leadership" that characterizes corporate culture—and leads to extraordinary paychecks.
Read full book review >
DRIVING HONDA by Jeffrey Rothfeder
Released: July 31, 2014

"A case study of the methods required to revive manufacturing industries."
The story of one of the most innovative companies in the world: the automobile manufacturer that makes some of the best-selling and longest-lasting cars on the road. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Luis Alberto Urrea
April 21, 2015

Examining the borders between one nation and another, between one person and another, Luis Alberto Urrea’s latest story collection, The Water Museum, reveals his mastery of the short form. This collection includes the Edgar-award winning "Amapola" and his now-classic "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses," which had the honor of being chosen for NPR's "Selected Shorts" not once but twice. Urrea has also recently published a poetry collection, Tijuana Book of the Dead, mixing lyricism and colloquial voices, mysticism and the daily grind. We talk to Urrea about both of his new books this week on Kirkus TV. View video >