THE LEADER'S EDGE: The Seven Keys to Leadership in a Turbulent World by Butt Nanus

THE LEADER'S EDGE: The Seven Keys to Leadership in a Turbulent World

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An academic's by-the-numbers appreciation of what it takes to exercise effective leadership in today's fast-moving and increasingly interdependent world. Evidently aiming at a corporate audience, Nanus (coauthor of 1985's Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge and a professor of management at USC's Graduate School of Business Administration) reaches no very provocative conclusions. He does so, moreover, in a sketchy text more notable for assertion than either analysis or insight. At any rate, after touching on the presumptive inability of US business to respond to a wealth of socioeconomic challenges, Nanus identifies seven mega-skills deemed ""essential to success at futures-creative leadership."" His short list of cardinal qualities runs the gamut from pedestrian to predictable, e.g., farsightedness, initiative, and integrity. Also important in the author's book are a flair for communal organization, the ability to master as well as anticipate change, and a talent for encouraging internal cooperation rather than rivalry--the better to compete in global markets. In brief, then, a largely routine diagnosis of and prescription for what ails American industry. More perceptive entries addressing the perceived problem of second-class stewardship include Max DePree's heartfelt Leadership Is an Art (reviewed above) and Abraham Zaleznik's The Managerial Mystique (p. 537).

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1989
Publisher: Contemporary