THE EAGLES ROARI by Byron (as told to Graham Berry) Kennerly


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The Eagle Squadron comes to life in the pages of the record of one of its members, a youth who had been a wanderer, a drifter, motivated chiefly by his love of the machine, and who became one of the first American flier group formed in England after the collapse of France. One follows the steps of the training, the contacts with English fliers, the technical aspects of planes and operation, leave in London under the blitz, Coventry and the aftermath, airdromes, flying, reconnoiters, fighting, the psychology of the fliers, the zest for the fight, the acceptance of the inevitability of loss of successive members of the group. Lacks the drama of Yankee in a Spitfire etc. but is a sound, authentic -- what's it all about -- sort of book. Plus sale for older boys. And -- with the inclusion of many names and facts and deeds, of personal interest to many.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1942
Publisher: Harper