A SONG OF JOY And Other Poems by Byron Norbert Reece

A SONG OF JOY And Other Poems

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Readers of Mr. Reece's earlier volume of verse, Bow Down in Jericho, will find in the present offering more of his ballads, lyrics, and sonnets. He deals here with religious and biblical themes, nature and its counterpart in man, the nature of life, poetry, and love. The poems are in three sections, the first consisting of ""A Song of Joy"", the second ""A Song of Dura"", which are poems of some length, and others, he third ""Songs for Breath"" and others. Mr. Reece is most successful in his ballads, here insistent rhythm carries the reader along to good advantage. The lilt of his serves well in some of the lyrics too, such as ""There Never Was Time"" or ""The Elm and the Moon"", at times, as in ""In Matters of Pride"", the effect is clumsy and somewhat uvenile. Not so serious, and quite pleasant.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1952
ISBN: 0877971056
Publisher: Dutton