FIRST HUNT: With Success and Safety by C. B. Colby

FIRST HUNT: With Success and Safety

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This- in a popular and successful series, carries the young prospective hunt- beyond First Rifle toward the goal of being both sportsman and hunter. The basic skills are assumed in a quick summary; the fine points of rifle or shotgun are reconsidered; the rules of the woods and fields are summarized. Then the quarry is briefly assessed- types of game, identification (the track diagrams are particularly good), probable locale, how to follow clues, when and how to shoot, etc. There is no attempt to extend the field beyond the usual first hunt quarry. One could wish for a bit more specific information to expand the succinct Closed Season -- No Closed Season- indication. But by and large this is a good ""first"". The next steps involve experience and further exploration of fact. There is sound practical advice on clothing and equipment, on preparation for emergencies, on different types of hunting- still, stand, drive.

Publisher: Coward-McCann