DEFEAT AT SEA by C. D. Bekker


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A rather dull chronology of the demolition of the German fleet, the bones of history are bare of any human interest and this is at most a precise accounting of its leading naval actions. The Bismarck which evaded BritiSh radar for a time was the first heavy loss in 1941, and was followed by the scuttling of the phantom ship, the Graf Spee: one by one, the big ships were to go- the Prinz Eugen, the Tirpitz, the Scharnhorst; the U-boats carried on, but 30% of those at sea were to disappear-until the British magnetic eye was identified; a small torpedo boat fleet took on the big British boats- but only one remained undamaged; and the last battle in the Baltic and the capitulation complete these annals of the ruin of the German navy. For the naval historian, an unimpassioned, unaccented record.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1955
Publisher: Henry Holt