THE WATCHMAN by C. Edward Hopkin


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The Reverend Dr. C. Edward Hopkin teaches at the Philadelphia Divinity School (Episcopal) and is properly concerned that the young clergy he helps to make ready shall be prophets as well as teachers, pastors and priests. This is a function of the ministry too much neglected, or too recklessly practiced. How shall the clergyman, as watchman, warn his people against the destructive elements in the culture of the modern world? Thus criticizing, how shall he still be accepted by his people in his other roles, -or even keep his job? What are the basic principles of a Christian prophetic ministry upon which a firm stand may--and must be taken? Dr. Hopkin analyses contemporary American pseudo-philosophies, shows how they are hostile to the Christian doctrine of man and God, and how they may be most effectively challenged. Clergy of all denominations will find this book a most useful addition to their working library.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1960
Publisher: Crowell