THE NATURE OF LIFE by C. H. Waddington


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Professor Waddington of the University College of the West Indies here attempts to penetrate for the layman the ever-expanding, ever-deepening biological labyrinth. In these lectures he scales the nature of life from the Greek classical concept on to the present day physics, chemistry, embryology, genetics and the fashionable idea of erminium. His most enlightening bits of exploratory information include such things as the additive theorem of recombination factors; causation as related to the transformation of species in Darwin,- Lamarchian ""besoins""; Yule's statistical uses of Mendel; Mayr's genetic theory of relativity. Darker corners emerge into light:- the question of free will in a ""chance"" universe filled with target-seeking missiles and electronic computers; the polarities of subjective/objective validation of evolutionary experience; Haldane's ""resonance phenomenon"". A rich, reasonably academic, and occasionally donnish discourse, which we still feel of questionable interest to any not already somewhat indoctrinated.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1962
ISBN: 0548389756
Publisher: Atheneum