ELEPHANT'S WORK by . C. Hentley


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The author of the now classic Trent's Last Case (1930) returns with an intellectual entertainment of some rather amazing improbabilities, achieves an extravaganza provoked by some strange circumstances and characters. Severn, the victim of a train accident caused by a circus elephant which runs amok, loses his memory, awakes to the identity of Dwight Taylor given him by a General de la Costa. In the days that follow, under the tutelage of the garrulous General, Taylor learns of the General's discovery which enables him to produce synthetic diamonds, and only when he accompanies him to a Cathedral where the General makes an elaborate gift, does Severn recover his memory- realize his true identity... Playfully implausible, this is for more imaginative tastes in escape.

Pub Date: July 24th, 1950
Publisher: Knopf