HOUSE OF BREAD by C. J. Eustace
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This ""Catholic Journal"" is absorbing reading for any Catholic or Protestant striving to find or reinforce the implications of religion in a time of world chaos. The author is the distinguished educational editor for J. M. Dent in Tornonto. Born in England, educated there in Protestant liberalism, he emigrated to Canada in 1925, and only then began his search for a basic way of life, which led him to Catholicism. In his book is evidence of his hard grasp on the reality of the spiritual life, his growing dissatisfaction with the practical formalities of the protestant philosophy. It is disquieting reading for the Protestant who must inevitably compare the ends and aims of him own religious pattern with that of Rome. Protestantism must answer the charges:- the humanistic trends, the absorption in betterment of the social order, the conduct of temporal rather than spiritual affairs. That these absorptions are not limited to Protestants is admitted. There is excellent bibliographical material which lifts this book from a more apologetic to the universal search for the life of grace. Rich material is suggested for the study of Thomism. The Kingdom of Heaven is defined as within all humanity and dependent for its realization on a return to the totalitarianism of God alone.

Publisher: Longmans, Green