TREES AND TRAILS by C. J. Hylander


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Hylander isn't new to the non-fiction field for this age group and his other books, Sea and Shore and Adventure with Reptiles have been successes. This is a good straight-forward working survey of North American forests and their trees and with its well outlined text and supply of photographs, it should stand well in the tree literature library. Explanations of the life cycle of a tree, how species differ, and our different forest sections, the Southern, the Eastern, the Pacific- prepare the way for a more detailed regional breakdown. There are discussions, by three different leaf types- alternate and simple, alternate and compound and opposite, of many different kinds of trees in each of the large forest areas, both in their deepest parts and at their peripheries from roadsides to city streets. Fine for the one who wants to know, or to know more. It should make tree friends of its readers.

Publisher: Macmillan