WAGING PEACE: A Businessman Looks at U.S. P by C. Maxwell Stanley

WAGING PEACE: A Businessman Looks at U.S. P

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A plea for U N policing world disarmament sums up the purpose and drive of this rethinking and restatement of certain popular, though hardly universal assumptions about the conflict between the United States and Russia. America's moral purity and disinterested service of mankind, Eisenhower's wondrous achievements, Russia's determined policy of aggression, its ""false ideology"", its leadership by an evil, corrupt handful of men, these are verities so obvious and incontestable that Stanley never examined them. One wonders at such blind acceptance; by so doing he reduces his book to one man's opinion. All the way through, logic, evidence, a sense of fairness in distributing criticism, are lightly dismissed. The assumptions have no basis in demonstrated fact, and what follows from these assumptions goes equally unsupported. Even to the audience of Mr. Average American this is too facile a statement.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1956
Publisher: Macmillan