THE COMING DEFLATION: Its Dangers--and Opportunities by C. V. Myers

THE COMING DEFLATION: Its Dangers--and Opportunities

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Another gold-standard gloom-and-doom book. The author/publisher of Myers' Finance & Energy newsletter argues that current inflation prefigures the collapse of the dollar and of the social system on an international scale. He foresees the breakdown of law and order, stealing and plunder, massive riots, revolution, dictatorship. In short, the apocalypse. ""Inflation is monetary sin."" Noahs without Arks are advised to sow a vegetable garden, acquire a few chickens, sheep, or a cow, and to bury gold bars in the back yard--although bags of gold and silver coins will he easier to transport on short notice. Myers derives his economic predictions from ""natural laws springing from human nature."" He is shocked by the short-sightedness of economists and politicians. ""If you have a tenth-grade education you can understand it."" Small commendation.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1976
Publisher: Arlington House