PONY FOR THREE by C. W. Anderson


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Sally, Dougy, and Gail had always wanted a pony and when they were given Spot, whose tail was black and whose body was brown and white, they all loved him. Sometimes they rode on him separately, sometimes together, until one day, Spot chased a rabbit and tripping into a woodchuck hole, painfully cracked his leg bone. Then the doctor came, and for a long time Spot wore a stiff cast. The children loved him even more and took good care of him until his leg healed. Now they ride him again, sometimes separately and sometimes all together. C.W. Anderson, whose stories and drawings of horses have made him a children's favorite, writes in Pony for Three with a naturalness as instinctive as a small child's love of horses.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1958
Publisher: Macmillan