THE NEW MEN OF POWER by C. Wright Mills


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This is subtitled ""America's Labor Leaders"" -- which is misleading, as one might think it was a biographical study of specific men. Actually, it is much more important than a book of that sort would be,- a comprehensive and fair analysis and study of types of labor leadership, the conditions under which they work, their backgrounds, education, training, political, social and economic influence and their place in American society. Comprehensive- because the author has surveyed the labor leader from every angle,- as a politician, as a business entrepreneur, as orator, as technician; he has studied him as to age, heritage, origin, education, standard of living, political belief. Fair-because he does not color his findings and polls but lets them speak for himself. He praises, criticises, extolls, condemns, depending on what labor leaders do or say and the part they play in making a stronger and better democracy. Not an easy book to read, but so valuable to anyone in the field, or anyone dealing with labor leaders, that it is worth the concentrated study.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1948
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace