A GAP IN THE WALL by Cabrielle Estivals


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The role of women in Algeria- and everywhere- is movingly presented here. Zoubeida is the daughter of rich Moslems. She and her brother go to French schools while their parents, wrapped up in their own problems, retreat into the old life. Her brother, though actively struggling with racial problems, family pride and modern ideas, forces Zoubeida to give up school and all her hopes of a freer life. Trapped in the house, with only an arranged marriage and more walls and veils in view, Zoubeida tries to escape but is dreadfully humiliated by the males of the clan. Finally she forces her men to consider a more just attitude.... Told with warmth and insight,- this novel presents in many striking scenes the characters, classes, races and attitudes of a highly complex society. By showing the many limitations of this world, it is more than an appeal for the rights of women but for all people to live on terms of mutual respect.... Fine, graceful, vivid writing, with a firm backbone of irony, understanding and indignation.

Publisher: Knopf