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ANOTHER MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK by Callaway Digital Arts Kirkus Star


developed by Callaway Digital Arts

Age Range: 3 - 5

Pub Date: Nov. 23rd, 2011
Publisher: Callaway Digital Arts

In an equally rousing sequel to The Monster at the End of This Book (print edition, 1971; app version, 2011) Elmo drags a reluctant Grover through one page after another toward a second “monster.”

Blithely ignoring his blue buddy’s “Not again! I simply cannot handle another monster right now. I get very worked up by books about monsters,” little Elmo chivvies him along. Meanwhile, he coaxes readers with both specific instructions for proceeding and, if a tap or swipe is not forthcoming, a more imperative “Turn the page!” The episode was made for interactive and animated enhancements, and to the 1996 print edition the designers have added a full slate. These range from objects and figures that fly about or drop in and out of sight to stackable (and knock-downable) alphabet blocks, a simple color-matching game, gooey “glue” to spread around and, in balloon-enclosed dialogue, highlighted words that are links to audio clips of pronunciations or definitions. The two Muppets respond in unpredictable ways to repeated taps, and delayed comments or developments on nearly every page repay lingering a few moments before moving on. In the end, the two scare each other, and Elmo (predictably) campaigns for another go-round.

From Elmo’s opening tutorial to the closing ticklefest, a treat and a half for preschoolers and parents alike. (learning activities section for adult sharers, thumbnail image index) (iPad storybook app. 3-5)