ONE MAN, ONE VOTE by Calvin B.T. Lee


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The very lively, very intricate story of radio station WMCA's campaign for reapportionment of the New York state legislature in order to give urban and suburban vo es equal weight with rural ones. WMCA's litigation ended up in the Supreme Court, which ruled in 1964 that state legislatures must apportion their seats strictly on the basis of population. There is more to the chronicle: Congressional fights against the federal courts, New York reapportionment legislation, further judicial struggles. Dramatis personae include Governor Rockefeller, the Republican lame duck New York legislature and its Democrat-controlled successor, Supreme Court members, the New York Times, WMCA president Straus, Senator Dirksen, Mayer Wagner.... The author is on the side of reapportionment, but his imposing collection of primary sources includes a variety of opposed views. The tangle of legal problems, constitutional issues and party politics is traced with clarity. The reader (probably a student or dedicated public affairs follower) will have to unravel it for himself. Absorbing current-events scholarship.

Pub Date: Aug. 4th, 1967
Publisher: Scribners