STAR RIDERS OF REN: Vol. II of the Singreale Chronicles by Calvin Miller

STAR RIDERS OF REN: Vol. II of the Singreale Chronicles

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A largely ludicrous sequel to the charming, unusual, but absurdly inept Guardians of the Singreale (1982). Arriving by glider in Rensland are Graygill inventor Raccoman and wife Velissa, bearer of the magical jewel Singreale. Here live the Star Riders--elegant, stiff-upper-lipped, noble wimps who are threatened by the evil turncoat Thanevial and his defecting Riders (who, after a dip in the red ""forming pits,"" become inarticulate, sulfurous, necrotic Drogs). And, just as ""gloom glue[s] the night to the black ledge,"" King Ren takes Singreale and vanishes underground, where he's transformed into the dwarfish Grendelynden and hops about at night slaughtering Drogs. Meanwhile, Hallidan of the ""ruthless shock of blond hair"" takes Raccoman and Velissa to Rensgaard, which the Drogs soon besiege. They have various adventures before Ren returns. The siege is lifted. But Thanevial escapes with Singreale . . . and heads for Graygill-land. Only for readers utterly hooked on Vol. I--and prepared to tolerate Miller's saccharine prose and Dick-and-Jane dialogue.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1983
Publisher: Harper & Row