ENOUGH'S ENOUGH by Calvin Trillin


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Trillin's fourth syndicated-column collection (With All Disrespect, 1985, etc.)--a flurry of good-natured swipes at an array of foibles that have irked him during the past three years. Trillin's targets range from fruitcake (". . .nobody in the history of the United States has ever bought a fruitcake for himself") to George Bush ("Some rich Eastern preppies with sailboats are fated to walk through life as if encased in a sort of tweedy cocoon. Bush is one of those"); from Michael Milken (". . .the Gambino crime family takes in an estimated $500 million a year. That's $50 million less than Milken") to smart cameras ("When I pushed the button, it advanced itself to the next picture with a contented buzzing sound like a horsefly that has just had a bite of something good"); and so on. The commentary is charming, pointed, and even wise, and to wrap it up Trillin offers an afterword about his fan-mail--which, he says, deals primarily with "the fruitcake question." Another endearingly curmudgeonly collection.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1990
ISBN: 89919-958-5
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
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