EXECUTIVE SUITE by Cameron Hawley


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A direct wire to the higher echelon of a large corporation as the death of Avery Bullard, President of the Tredway Corporation (furniture), affects the personnel right down the line as well as some circumstantial contacts- the policeman who found his body, the girl who had taken his wallet, etc. But primarily this is the story of the seven members of the board who survive to jockey for control of the firm which had dominated their lives; Alderson, the senior vice-president, but unequal to the job; Jesse Grimm, who wanted to retire; Shaw, a man of little principle and large ambition; Don Walling, in his twenties, most affected by the death of Bullard whom he had admired and imitated. And in the twenty four hour scrimmage which follows, in which the future of Tredway is decided and Walling alone shows the vision of his predecessor,- people and policies are lined up along with a thought for this day- that it's not the dollar- but the dream that counts.... Gentlemen first, and foremost.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1952
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin