A CHANGE OF PLEA by Camilla Bittle


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From The Boy in the Pool last year to this (with women's magazine appearances for both), the shift is not too great; it's again a personable story of domestic affairs. It the sin-drome is unoriginal, it is recognizable: on the one hand the son of a too protective mother is brought to court after an accident ends with a manslaughter charge; on the other, Tom Richards, who will handle the case, has now hit a deadspot in his marriage to Virginia, who participates too much in his business life, too little elsewhere. Thus, briefly, he is susceptible to another woman, also discouraged with her marriage, and there's much to review and reconsider--just where all these relationships were scuffed up.... Cosmetic, sympathetic feminine fiction- of which there is little around. Nolo contendere.

Publisher: Lippincott