THE BOY IN THE POOL by Camilla R. Bittle


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Report repeated from page 296 of the March 15th bulletin, when scheduled for spring publication, as follows: ""The boy, accidentally drowned in the pool of a New England preparatory school with spartan, sterling traditions, is Carmichael, one of the trouble makers from a broken home. This tragedy is seen through some of its subsequent consequences for those involved: his mother, an actress, who is not only guilty for having been such a 'rotten mother' but now faces the fact that the boy will no longer serve as a connection with her divorced husband; the housemaster who knows that Carmichael had stolen his key to the gym, and his roommate who shares that knowledge; the headmaster, an insensitive but capable administrator, who shirks moral and personal involvement and in so doing is alienating his wife; and Dave Ellison, who shows a real and needed gift for direction and guidance... A first novel, this keeps its characters, concerns and situation sympathetic, although at a feminine level of recognition and response.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1963
Publisher: Lippincott