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...some submarine adventure, vintage WWI. Lt. Commander Martin Dunbar-Nasmith had not only invented the retractable periscope, he had also reduced torpedoing to an exact science. It was expected that he would achieve marvelous victories in the Dardenelles with submarine E II--but, by heaven, there was always something wrong with his cursed sub. Others kept beating him through the mine-laid straits, though they usually didn't do much or else they got caught. When Nasmith finally broke the hoodoo and got into the Sea or Marmara, he scored against 5 large steamers, two small ones and a gunboat. Only--to find that E II had tangled itself with a cable and was towing a mine along about 10 yards from the conning tower. Unable to surface because of daylight and enemy gun emplacements, he finally maneuvered to a position where he could stop, back up and lose the mine. Good show!

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 1964
Publisher: Scribners