TIME TO GROW UP by Candy Jones


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Famous cover girl and director of the well-known Career Girl School offers some excellent detailed counsel in the areas of grooming, fashion and etiquette for pre-teens and teens. Good health rather than artifice underlies the advice on how to achieve a good complexion and figure, applying make-up, caring for the hair and choosing clothes. An appreciation of the natural endowments of youth, an emphasis on wholesomeness and cleanliness are the ground rules here. In allaying fears about bodily changes, in exploring the relatively lighter areas of party planning, etc. the approach is equally sound. It is when the author trespasses into psychological matters that the danger begins. Sexual awareness and family relations cannot be examined on the same plane as finding a hair-do. Eminently qualified to instruct in the latter, Miss Jones is a dabbling amateur in the former. Her approach to ""necking"" for example conjures up the classic picture of the predatory male intent on victimizing his partner. No mention is made of the development of sexual desire in the female or how to deal with it at this age. The tendency to draw on guilt feelings in the youngster as a means of awakening responsibility toward parents -- to ""make the honor roll"" in order to please mom and dad, are theories few trained experts would support. As guide to good health and good grooming, this can be extremely useful. Beyond this, it is highly questionable.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1962
Publisher: Harper