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THE PIG'S HEAD RAVINE by Cangrejo Ideas


developed by Cangrejo Ideas

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 2014
Publisher: Cangrejo Ideas

The mystery of a porcine stranger who steals food in the night is solved in a spookily crafted story from Chile.

Two boys, Rafa and Juan, accustomed to playing in the hills after dark, encounter a scary creature, one who has been raiding their town for food. The culprit is revealed to be the Pig's Head, who stands upright and wears clothes but is otherwise just a very hungry pig. Despite some design flourishes and an animation style that makes the pencil art layered with color appear to pop off the page, the story itself is a mess. Some uncomfortable hypotheses about the creature’s origin are explored (yes, that means implied bestiality), and many parents of younger readers won't be thrilled with a page with the sentence, "Hes [sic] ugly as Hell!" Text on an opening page is either badly translated or just poorly written: "One evening, the children found a scary creature, from which they have always heard, but never believed that existed, until then." The clever bits, such as a page with a variety of animals to colorize by touch, are outweighed by clunky storytelling. The app's sole extra feature, a song performed by the titular monster, completely fails to engage.

This weird pig's unsatisfying story perhaps should have stayed a mystery.

(Requires iOS 7 and above.) (iPad storybook app. 5-10)